A number of issues will have been mentioned above. In these cases we will refer to the relevant chapter

I hear the broadcast audio in the background

The editor does not accept my changes

If you use Firefox both for editing and previewing, you will have to disable FireHbbTV every time you go back to editing.

If you don’t the editor may not work properly.

I have problems with styles / I have changed a style and everything disappeared

In Page Editor (note: not in the Component Editor), there is a “Check Styles” button.

Check Styles button

This Check Styles checks all page- or component-specific styles within the page:

Other styles are “correct by design”: computed styles have been checked statically.

All these CSS fragments are joined in a CSS file and checked against the W3C CSS validator service. Errors are signalled one by one in a dialog.

Check Styles button

Check Styles button