Overview of the MPAT Editor

MPAT is based on WordPress. The main editor window is therefore very similar to a WordPress editor view and is illustrated in Fig. 6. The subsequent sections will briefly outline the different menus and the underlying functionalities.

MPAT Dashboard

Figure 3‑1: MPAT Dashboard - Start view

Top Bar

In the top bar you see an overview of

Warning: MPAT is still in a development state and has areas that are not fail-safe yet! Please do not make any changes to:

Left Menu Bar

On the left side you see the left menu bar that contains all functionality to configure and define the individual MPAT pages and create the HbbTV application. The table below outlines the different functions.

Warning: The following descriptions are not yet final. This is due to the fact that the editor’s interface is still under development and will change.

Function Detail
Media (Library) This area allows uploading and managing images, audio and video files. MPAT supports a maximum upload size of 16 MB per file. All content uploaded into the media library can be included into the MPAT pages.
Pages This area allows creating and managing pages.
Page Layouts This area allows creating and managing page layouts.
Page Models This area allows creating and managing page models.
Popups Currently not supported
Functions Currently not supported
Appearance This area allows customizing the MPAT theme. Changes made here are global and will affect the complete MPAT site (HbbTV application). Changes primarily can be made that will affect colors, fonts, and background images among others.
Plugins Do not use – This area is restricted to the System Admins only!
Users Do not use – This area is restricted to the System Admins only!
Tools Do not use – This area is restricted to the System Admins only!
Settings This area allows to configure the settings of the currently selected MPAT site, i.e., change the title, site admin, date format, etc.
MPAT This area provides access to the application manager that can be used to select the navigation model , change the page order, and enable/disable Piwik tracking (to collect user access rates).
Assets Currently not supported
Button Control Currently not supported
Collapse menu Collapse the left menu bar.

The Main Window

The main window presents the parameters and options to set and define per menu item, i.e., here you can define the page layouts , the pages , the content components , etc. These will be described in more detail in the next sections.

Note : The widgets presented in the main window are a mix of MPAT widgets required to create an HbbTV application and WordPress widgets which are not required but have not yet been removed from MPAT. These can be neglected. Widgets that are necessary when creating an HbbTV application will be explained.