Requirements and First Steps

Software Setup

A standard Internet browser like Google Chrome (Version), Mozilla Firefox (Version) or MS Internet Explorer (Version) is required to use the MPAT editor tool and to start creating HbbTV applications.


In order to preview the HbbTV applications , Mozilla Firefox v51.0.1 as well as the Firefox Add-on FireHbbTV v1.3.20are needed. This Add-on must be switched on in order to preview the HbbTV application and must be switched off in order to edit the application with MPAT.

Note : To simplify the workflow we therefore recommend using one browser that does not use FireHbbTV for editing and a Firefox browser with FireHbbTV.

Todo: Download Mozilla Firefox v51.0.1 or newer, up to v56:

Install Firefox Add-on FireHbbTV 1.3.20 or newer by Atos Worldline:


User Account

A user account is required to actually access the MPAT editor tool with an Internet browser. The account is provided by the system administrator.

Open the MPAT editor tool in your Internet browser.

Log in by entering your username and password.